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Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers – again • The Register


Over on the post “Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers – again • The Register” contains this text:

“Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers – again Alert Print Post comment Retweet Facebook IE 0day leads to theft of data By Dan Goodin in San Francisco • Get more from this author


Posted in Malware, 19th April 2011 23:34 GMT On Demand Webcast : Making the decision on hosted apps – What’s the risk and reward? One of the most sensitive science labs in the US has shut down all internet access after attackers exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser to steal data from some of its servers, according to published news reports.

The security breach at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is at least the second time since 2007 that computers have been hacked when employees were duped by phishing emails. The most recent compromise was initiated by messages that were manipulated so that they appeared to come from the lab’s Human Resource Department, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported.”


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