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How to Fix (Or Kill) Web Data About You – NYTimes.com

Over on the post “How to Fix (Or Kill) Web Data About You – NYTimes.com” contains this text:

“How to Fix (Or Kill) Web Data About You
Published: April 13, 2011

As more of our social lives, shopping sprees and dating misadventures take place online, we leave behind, purposely or not, a growing supply of personal information.
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Katherine Streeter
Marketers, employers, suitors and even thieves and stalkers are piecing together mosaics of who we are. Even when it is accurate, it may not present a pretty picture.

For a glimpse of your mosaic, type your name into Spokeo.com. Prepare to see estimates of your age, home value, marital status, phone number and your home address, even a photo of your front door. Spokeo, one of several services like this online, will encourage you to pay $15 or more, for a full report with details on income, hobbies and online social networks.”

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