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Well it’s been a year or so since I last mused about security and it’s still

Driven by the people element. End users still have the the keys to the kingdom and malware and phishing have clearly marked them for targeting.  The Standard number of targeted phishings at my employer is well over 20 a month.  The human element is still opening email from “DEAD cousin NED”  and we apparently all […]

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what happens when airlines merge…or why no ones cares once they get your cash

So the story goes something like this. bout airplane tickest a while ago…..great priceDay before try to get 2 seats together  online at check in…. That did not happen, normal not a big deal.but this time the wife is in a walking boot for her ankle and the kid always flys next to the wife. […]

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How to Fix (Or Kill) Web Data About You –

Over on the post “How to Fix (Or Kill) Web Data About You –” contains this text: “How to Fix (Or Kill) Web Data About You By RIVA RICHMOND Published: April 13, 2011 As more of our social lives, shopping sprees and dating misadventures take place online, we leave behind, purposely or not, a […]

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