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Well it’s been a year or so since I last mused about security and it’s still

Driven by the people element.

End users still have the the keys to the kingdom and malware and phishing have clearly marked them for targeting.  The Standard number of targeted phishings at my employer is well over 20 a month.  The human element is still opening email from “DEAD cousin NED”  and we apparently all have a “Nigerian relative that needs our help”.

I was just at a security conference were David Kennedy  aka rel1c the author of SET the founder of truestedsec was presenting. His talk was on burning down security as we know it and his demo did not work because of the OSX maverick upgrade. OR as I see it Steve jobs from the great beyond,  the demo portion of these talks used to be the real value of security conferences.  They provide good stories and the proof of what we all know and a way to show the risk.  Over the last Year FUD and good stories have really gone the way of the dinosaurs.  Having to prove that something bad could and does happens seems to have gone from a lot of proof  and good stories to just de facto accepted thanks to Adobe and their issues…… and Dave on the Katie Couric show  .

Oh yeah back to Steve Jobs and his hate for all things Adobe…
As a senior checkpoint executive said at the same conference Steve dies and 6 months later Apple is softer on Adobe and he see on his home network from a mac his first malware/trojanware.

How very odd java is getting harder to manipulate but Flash and Air maybe it’s replacement for the darkside who generally also want your browsers cookies…Or yes they have cookies…


till later






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