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Schneier on Security: Tennessee Makes Password Sharing Illegal

Over on the post “Schneier on Security: Tennessee Makes Password Sharing Illegal” contains this text:

“Tennessee Makes Password Sharing Illegal Here’s a new law that won’t work: State lawmakers in country music’s capital have passed a groundbreaking measure that would make it a crime to use a friend’s login — even with permission — to listen to songs or watch movies from services such as Netflix or Rhapsody. […] The legislation was aimed at hackers and thieves who sell passwords in bulk, but its sponsors acknowledge it could be employed against people who use a friend’s or relative’s subscription. While those who share their subscriptions with a spouse or other family members under the same roof almost certainly have nothing to fear, blatant offenders — say, college students who give their logins to everyone on their dormitory floor — could get in troubl”

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