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More Mac malware – top tips for avoiding infection | Naked Security


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by Paul Ducklin on June 7, 2011 | Comments (1) FILED UNDER: Apple, Featured, Malware More Mac scareware appeared overnight, with the cybercrooks following the same sort of strategy which has worked so well on Windows: regularly change the look and feel of the fake anti-virus software; use legitimate-sounding brand names (or steal genuine product names); stick to a price-point between $50 and $100; keep the fear factor high; but keep the core programming very similar so development costs are negligible.

Scareware, or fake anti-virus, is fake security software which pretends to find dangerous security threats – such as viruses – on your computer. The initial scan is free, but if you want to clean up the fraudulently-reported ‘threats’, you need to pay.

Once you’ve paid, the scareware stops lying to you about the non-existent threats, as though it really did clean them up. This means that many victims of this sort of fraud don’t even realise they’ve been duped. Until next time.

These latest OS X scareware variants come from the MacDefender stable, though they identify themselves during startup as Mac Shield:”


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