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Enterprise Security Today | Security Experts Warn of Microsoft Bluetooth Vulnerability

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“Security Experts Warn of Microsoft Bluetooth Vulnerability By Jennifer LeClaire July 13, 2011 1:07PM

There’s danger on the wireless front, in the form of a Bluetooth stack vulnerability. Amid an otherwise mild Patch Tuesday for Microsoft, security researchers said the Bluetooth problem could be used to launch a targeted attack by sending specific malicious data to the targeted computer while establishing a Bluetooth connection.   Related Topics Microsoft Patch Tuesday Bluetooth Symantec Wireless Security Latest News Pentagon To Publish Cyberwar Rules Israeli App Merges Facebook, Google+ Microsoft Bluetooth Vulnerability Seen Rupert Murdoch Drops Bid for BSkyB Julian Assange Fighting Extradition


After a heavy June release, Microsoft on Tuesday issued a mere four security bulletins to address 22 vulnerabilities. Only one is rated critical. Still, security researchers agree there is an element of danger present on the wireless front. “An attacker could use the Bluetooth stack vulnerability to launch a targeted attack,” said Joshua Talbot, security intelligence manager at Symantec Security Response. “However, it’s unlikely it could be used in a widespread attack because an attacker would have to be within Bluetooth range to exploit it. A specific target would likely already have to be identified and that person’s whereabouts known to the attacker.””


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