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“Jack Hembrough, CEO of VaporStream, continues his discussion of controlling e-mail distribution which he started in the last column. Everything that follows is Mr. Hembrough’s own work with minor edits.
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Have you ever responded to an e-mail, ‘Give me a call and let’s discuss’ because you were uncomfortable putting private information in the reply? Lawyers are no longer the primary professionals who are circumspect about what they put in electronic messages. There is a growing sense that pressing ‘send’ for an electronic message is tantamount to publishing the content. The potential for disclosure and the lack of privacy in electronic communication is becoming sand in the gears of progress. The lack of privacy, or the fear of public disclosure, is driving business people away from traditional written electronic messaging, despite the proliferation of mobile devices, and ‘Give me a call and let’s discuss that’ is a phrase returning “

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