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Security fragmentation needs to end – Computerworld

Over on the post “Security fragmentation needs to end – Computerworld” contains this text:

“Security fragmentation needs to end
By Andreas M. Antonopoulos
April 13, 2011 05:45 PM ETComments (0)Recommended (0)
Network World – A new week, a new rash of attacks against security vendors, email marketers and banks. It would be easy to point fingers and laugh at the irony, especially in the case of security vendors, but that would be both petty and shortsighted.

More on network security problems: 10 of the Worst Moments in Network Security History

The stark reality is that security breaches can, will and do happen to everyone. For every security control and process we put in place, somewhere else there’s a vulnerability, a weakness, an untrained employee or a path of least resistance for an attack. All the point solutions in the world are not going to make us any more secure. What we desperately need is a new model for integrating security solutions across vendors, across devices, across operating systems and across the globe.”

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