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EU ministers seek to ban creation of ‘hacking tools’ – Computerworld

And next it will be books because they teach you how to create…..so therefore they allow you to create hacking tools

Over on the post “EU ministers seek to ban creation of ‘hacking tools’ – Computerworld” contains this text:

“EU ministers seek to ban creation of ‘hacking tools’ By Jennifer Baker June 15, 2011 07:27 AM ETComments (2)Recommended (4) IDG News Service – Justice Ministers across Europe want to make the creation of ‘hacking tools’ a criminal offense, but critics have hit back at the plans, saying that they are unworkable.

Ministers from all 27 countries of the European Union met on June 9 to discuss European Commission proposals for a directive on attacks against information systems. But in addition to approving the Commission’s text, the ministers extended the draft to include ‘the production and making available of tools for committing offenses’.

This is problematic, as much legal and legitimate software could be put to criminal use by hackers. The draft mentions ‘malicious software designed to create botnets or unrightfully obtained computer passwords,’ but goes no further in attempting to clarify what ‘tools’ might be subject to criminal sanctions. For example, the distinction between a password cracker and a password recovery tool is not specified. Nor is there any mention of legitimate use for testing. Many tools that could be used for hacking in the wrong hands, are used by system administrators and security consultants to probe for vulnerabilities in corporate systems.”


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