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what happens when airlines merge…or why no ones cares once they get your cash

So the story goes something like this.

bout airplane tickest a while ago…..great price
Day before try to get 2 seats together  online at check in….

That did not happen, normal not a big deal.
but this time the wife is in a walking boot for her ankle and the kid always flys next to the wife.

Security at the airport was a breeze for everyone including the wife in her ankle boot contraption.
security made sure that the kid did not go wondering off well mom got scanned.
I get to deal with the 10 little gray bins and getting them thru the xray thing
as odd as it sounds it was like they wanted to help….got to love that.

Get to the gate wait for the gate folks to get there.
Now the gate folks had always been very helpful  for me

So I know they could easily fix the seating issue for me…..

“the flight is full figure it out yourself when you get on the plane” 
The message from the gate folks

it was like they were more concerned about themselves then helping me an mine.
no even an earl boarding invite….wife in a walking boot for her ankle injure and 7 year old boy….

so we wait and yet more self involved airline folks come and go.

they open the plane for boarding…

final yet another group of airline folks…
about half way thu boarding we get invited to board after the wife hobbles around in the waiting line.

I new face from airline….who had just helped a 13 year old traveling alone… was the yes please go bored voice of reason

we go down the empty gate ramp took like 5 minutes down hill walking slow….
get on the plane and there are people sitting in all of our seats….
kid starts crying… have i mentioned yet that the wife “does not like to fly “motion sickens””

get the tickets from the wife…
kick an old couple out of my seat and the 13 year old seat….
then the 13 year old says I’ll change with you..

So the the wife and the kids get 2 seats together…..finally
the 13 year old stranger gets a window seat beind me…

Oh yeah forgot to mention the flight crew losing it because we had stopped anyone from boarding  the plane.
that kind of happens on the small jets  when you are in row 3 waiting for some folks to move out of your seats….

longer story short..

flight was great 20 minutes early kind of great.

moral of the story you should always call the airplane phone support folks to fix seating issues and wait on hold for an hour to talk to 
SAM “shrewas”  who think that the yankees are a florida baseball team……



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